What's unsafe

High-voltage DC arc faults

Most solar systems sold in Australia create high uncontrolled DC voltages that can pose a fire and electrocution risk under fault conditions.

Solar fires are always caused by an electrical arc fault, which occurs when an electrical current jumps from one point to another, potentially sparking a fire.

No emergency remote system shutdown

In addition, these systems don’t have rapid shutdown capability – a quick and easy method to de-energise solar panels to ensure complete safety for you and first responders in the event of an emergency.

Why are uncontrolled high-voltage solar systems allowed in Australia?

Unfortunately, Australian solar safety standards are not as stringent as some of our international counterparts. For example, the United States has prevented the installation of uncontrolled high-voltage solar systems since 2014.

While Australian solar safety rules catch up, it is up to you to insist on Safer Solar.

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Safer Solar technologies that reduce the risk of electrical fires and injury are available in Australia today,
but current regulations do not promote their use.


NSW Fire and Rescue data from 2021 shows that firefighters attended 139 solar panel fires in 2020, compared to 22 in 2018 and 56 in 2019. Firefighters are attributing the majority of incidents directly to DC isolator faults. Source: NSW Fire and Rescue

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